Trepanning Services Across The UK

Do you require some trepanning tools manufacturing to a set of specific requirements? Then the experts at Tooltek can meet these requirements to a high standard. We are based in Britain, and all our work is of a high quality.

We can drill according to your requirements

We trepann bore all materials from a minimum bore size of 4" and return the trepanned core to you, the customer.  For multiple batch work out of these capacities, please call, as we may be able to make a drill to meet your requirements.

Machining Capacities


Max O.D.

In Gap

Max between centre

Through throat



Max swing over saddle

In Gap

Chuck size

Max between centres



Min bore​

Max bore​

Max O.D. in chuck​

Max O.D. in throat​




28" OD x 6" L.


3.5" OD x 180" L.




50" OD x 7" L.


16' 6"




15.5" ID

25" x 36" L.

10" x 80" L.

Turning - D.S.G. Type 21/Type 17s
Binns and Berry Lathes

If you need trepanning tools or any deep hole boring heads manufactured to a specific measurement, call us on

Call us if you want us to make a drill or a deep hole boring head, specially designed to meet your requirements.